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Dammit Doll

Dammit became a writer in 1967 while on leave from the KGB. He defected as a member of the St. Petersburg olympic noodling team. Tired of luring unsuspecting catfish in the icy arctic waters off the European coast, Dammit began his quest for publication.

He has nine hundred twenty seven short stories published in such gloried publications as True Defector, Stories of Noodling Champions, and Poetry of the Arctic Circle.

A true romantic at heart he published several paranormal, historical, time travel, suspense romance novels before setting out to instruct the world on the proper use of the em dash. Once he caught the writing instruction bug it took hold like a tick on a hound dog. He is embarking on his fifth annual world tour with a signing at the Moonlight Madness Mid-America Romance Authors Booth.

Dammit has his own action figure which will be available at the MARA Booth. Look for him, his action figure and Books

Goal Moat Dammit Cover

Goal, Motivation, Dammit,

Writing Action Adventure Romance

Writing Action Adventure Romance.

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